“Big and Boisterous”
Bethan Elfyn, BBC Wales



10.04.18Upcoming gig at Paradiddles Music Café in Worcester on 26th April 2018

Upcoming gig at Paradiddles Music Café in Worcester on 26th April 2018

A free entry show full of sweet psychadelia and in-your-face punk/grind! Perfect to go alongside freshly home made pizzas (for meat-eaters and vegans), a beer/tea/chocolate/whatever you fancy.. the wonderful Paradiddles Music Cafe Bar welcomes us all! Another free entry show [donations gratefully received] , there is really no reason to miss this!

Event page ---> https://www.facebook.com/events/1999708690289016/

Boycott The Baptist

All the way from Lincoln... relentless, hilarious stomping grindcore that will tear your face off but you'll still be smiling and craving for more.

A Werewolf

Local(ish) heroes will be kicking off the second half of the night with their unique blend of math/punk/grindcore. They will confuse. They will scare, and they will delight.

Moon Goose

Based in Hay-on-Wye, have been labelled as both 'epic' and 'unlistenable' - this band will take you on a journey. Deep space psychedelia with perhaps a hint of post-rock vibes!

Socio Suki

Kidderminster psychedelic rockers return to Worcester with their home grown blend of alt-pop electro-infused space-rock!

See you there!
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Moon Goose live is a weird experience mixing Space Psychedelic Rock and odds mashup visuals for a great night. We have released a live EP to give you an idea of what to expect sound wise. You’ll have to come to see the rest!

If you want to book us, get in touch on social media or at contact@moon-goose.com.






“What an epic sound!”
Andrew Marston, BBC Hereford & Worcester

Moon goose has crawled out of the primal swamp and taken a good look around. The resulting bird has flapped madly around a barn with a load of guitars strapped to one wing and a synthesizer on the other, while it flies repeatedly into some drums.

Made out of bits of comet and whalebone, the music that people are already calling ‘epic’ and ‘unlistenable’ throws a jagged beam of light in the growing darkness, to reveal some people using a barn as a giant amplifier.

Duchamp put a toilet in an art gallery. Moon goose put music in a bag and shook it around until it was in bits, poured the bits out, and set fire to them.

It’s the sound of a dragon colliding with an asteroid.

If you enjoy things like gneiss, rare cheese, and strange ideas followed through to an illogical conclusion, you’ll love Moon goose.




Moon Goose is based in Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh borders, UK.

But we’ll travel all around the world in the flying Moon Van to come and see you.

Contact us via email or fill the form.